Debt Financing

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans can be used as an intermediary financing option until a Sponsor secures permanent financing. The flexibility of bridge loans allows for a Sponsor to make quick and strategic business decisions.

GRP Capital has access to short-term bridge financing secured by First Trust Deed opportunities nationwide. With experience in responsive closings, GRP Capital has created a niche in this area of financing and has established a reputation for being reliable, flexible, and fair.

Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities (“CMBS”)

Commercial mortgage-backed securities ("CMBS") are a type of mortgage-backed security that is secured by mortgages on commercial properties. CMBS Loans are intended for financing larger projects such as flagged hotels, retail, large industrial, and multi-family buildings, etc.

With financing options starting at $4 million, GRP Capital offers a CMBS lending program which focuses on fixed and floating rate loans. Depending on the market, property characteristics, and the financial condition of the Sponsor, GRP Capital can arrange attractive incentives such as no personal guaranty, long-term amortization horizon, and flexible cash-out options.

Construction Loans

Construction loans, which are typically used to finance the construction period of a project, can be packaged in a variety of forms using a combination of loan vehicles.

With hands-on experience in development and conversion projects, GRP Capital can guide on how best to structure a capital stack and provide financing options that meet the project's needs. In addition, GRP Capital can advise on the viability of a project and consult the Sponsor throughout all facets of the construction process.

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are mortgages that are provided by banks, credit unions, savings institutions, or other traditional financial institutions all of which are secured by a first lien position on the subject properties being financed.

GRP Capital provides clients with access to flexible and innovative conventional financing. With years of industry experience, GRP Capital has created strong relationships that extend to a nationwide network of financial institutions.

SBA Loans

SBA loans are small-business loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration ("SBA"). SBA loans can be utilized to fit a variety of financing needs including the refinance of existing debt, facilitation of improvements, or acquisition of commercial real estate.

GRP Capital has a joint partnership with several competitive SBA lenders nationwide. With expertise in providing Sponsors with access to both SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loans, GRP Capital can offer its broad knowledge base to help clients determine and acquire the correct loan for their financing needs.

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Equity Capital

Equity Injection

Clients occasionally need a joint venture equity partner, or a preferred equity structure, for their required capital needs. With decades spent building a network with various high net worth individuals and institutional investors, GRP Capital has the resources to assist its client in meeting their capital requirements.

Our approach is to thoroughly understand the client's financial situation and project a plan that, when implemented, will add value to the client's targeted real estate asset. We utilize our experience as a passive equity sponsor to negotiate the most favorable terms available on behalf of our clients.

Consultation & Advisory Services

Investment Consulting & Advisory Services

GRP Capital has extensive knowledge across multiple disciplines, especially in the hospitality industry. GRP Capital can advise clients, lenders, and investors with respect to financial, operational, legal, and other strategic decisions affecting commercial real estate, including work out scenarios and corresponding transactions.

GRP Capital can not only assist investors in uncovering problems specific to distressed real estate assets but also guide them to arrive at a multitude of solutions. Utilizing proprietary client, property, and market tracker databases, along with in-depth knowledge of potential investment targets, GRP Capital can identify problems and leverage its existing relationships to put a solution into effect. GRP has a broad network of brokerage firms, property owners, and other real estate professionals to advise clients and translate perspective and verbiage from one professional to another.

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